Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Ten Years on

The TaxPayers Alliance is pleased to announce that the first 5,000 copies of their new book, Ten Years On by Campaign for an Independent Britain committee member Dr Lee Rotherham, are now available for CIB supporters to order free on a first-come-first-served basis.

Here's a taster of what to expect from the book, which features a foreword by The Sun's Trevor Kavanagh and an epilogue by best-selling author Frederick Forsyth: "If you traded something, made something, sold something, ran something, policed something, protected something, transported something, communicated something, fished something, grew something, stored something, repaired something, bought something, spent something, exchanged something, taught something, learned something, powered something, healed something, published something, researched something, reported something, supported something, Brussels had a say in it. The EU was everywhere. Now, ten years on, things are very different…"

Britain has been a member of the European Union for a third of a century, enduring all the waste, fraud and red tape that Brussels could imagine. But what would it be like if one day Britain just said ‘Enough’? Ten Years On takes us to a world where they have done just that. Dr Rotherham’s new book imagines a future where Britain is free to control its own affairs, to strike its own deals and to decide its own fate.

This is your opportunity to get a vivid glimpse of how the future could be very, very different.
Get your copy from: http://www.greateudebate.com/order/

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Cameron must face reality, say Eurosceptics

Conservative leader David Cameron must match rhetoric to action if he is to have any chance of winning the confidence of voters in his ‘new’ policies on Europe, say Eurosceptics.

“Too many times we have heard opposition politicians talking the talk about ‘standing up’ for Britain in Europe,” said George West, Chairman of the cross-party Campaign for an Independent Britain. “Following hard on the heals of his climb-down over his ‘cast iron’ promise to hold a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, Mr Cameron has much to do to persuade the British people that he in earnest about reducing the role of the EU in our national life.”

“The sort of ‘a la carte’ Europe that Mr Cameron now seems to favour runs entirely contrary to the whole thrust of ever deepening European integration over the past fifty years, and is explicitly ruled out by the Lisbon Treaty which Mr Cameron now says we are powerless to repeal.”

Campaign for an Independent Britain also notes that the Conservative leader’s call for a ‘Sovereignty Acr’ is a clear admission by Mr Cameron that Britain is no longer a free and independent nation.

“Sooner rather than later the fundamental question of Britain’s overall relationship with the European Union must be addressed,” said Mr West. “Supporters of the EU are already raising the spectre that Mr Cameron’s policies will lead to Britain leaving the EU altogether. Good. Such an outcome should not be feared. A Britain outside the European Union would be freed from the straitjacket of rules, taxes and regulations that have crippled our economic life and right to self-determination for a generation.”