Tuesday, 20 July 2010

CIB videos show how we were betrayed

The Campaign for an Independent Britain has produced three short films of interviews with former Labour MPs Nigel Spearing and Eric Deakins regarding the early 1970s debates in Parliament on Britain’s entry into the European Union (or Common Market as it was called at the time).

CIB Chairman George West says: “I urge you to watch these three short films, which are essential viewing for everyone who cares about British sovereignty and democracy. In the films, Nigel Spearing and Eric Deakins, veteran Parliamentarians and heroes of the anti-EU movement, give us their unique insights into how we were duped into joining ‘Europe’. I regard it as a privilege to have been associated with these visionary people who had the courage to do all in their power to try to prevent Britain’s entry into the Common Market in 1972 and later campaigned for a ‘No’ vote in the 1975 referendum on whether or not we should stay in.

“Nigel was the last MP to make a speech before the winding up speeches at the third reading of the European Communities Bill in the House of Commons. The Bill was passed by an incredibly narrow margin (309 votes in favour of Common Market entry, with 301 votes against). It just so happens that on that very evening I sat in the Strangers’ Gallery at the Commons, believing that Heath was not being truthful and that only trouble lay ahead. I sat there worried sick about the future for my tiny son and daughter, and the future of Britain’s engineering and manufacturing industries in which I worked for over fifty years.”

Nigel Spearing on how Britain was duped
How the British people were duped
Eric Deakins on how Britain was duped