Sunday, 22 June 2008

CIB welcomes latest poll

Eurosceptic campaigners today welcomed the latest poll showing that an overwhelming majority of British citizens seek a looser relationship with the European Union. The poll, by Eurosceptic group Global Vision, showed that barely a quarter (27%) of electors want to stay a part of the EU under its current terms. Over 40% wished a relationship with Europe based purely on trade, while 26% wished to leave the EU altogether.

"With Ireland on the brink of rejecting the re-badged EU constitution in its referendum, and with a judical review under way in this country regarding the legality of the government breaking its promise to hold an referendum here, it is clear that the headlong drive towards the creation of a European superstate has neither support nor democratic legitimacy," said Campaign for an Independent Britain spokesman Andy Smith. "That three quarters of Britons favour a reduction in the powers of the European Union comes as little surprise. However, it has to be added that the chances of the EU giving up any of its powers are remote. Sooner or later, Britain will have to face up to the reality that we would be better off out of the EU." Link to CIB News

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