Monday, 2 February 2009

'Free movement of labour' destroying livelihoods

‘Free movement of labour’ is one of the fundamental principles of the European Union. For this reason Britain has an ‘open door’ policy for millions of EU citizens who wish to work here.

We cannot do anything to interfere with the rights of these people to take jobs from Britons because it is EU law that they should be permitted to come here - and EU law overrides UK law.

Unscrupulous employers take advantage of this situation because it offers the chance to have cheap labour. Many large corporations and trade unions accept free migration because they have enthusiastically signed up to the ‘European project’.

Since 2004, over three quarters of a million people have come to Britain from the Continent to work. Gordon Brown’s right-hand man Peter Mandelson says this is fair enough because British people have an equivalent right to work on the Continent. But why should we give up our homes and families to find work abroad?

Gordon Brown promised ‘British jobs for British workers’. He cannot achieve this. No matter what our politicians tell us, the only way to safeguard British jobs for British workers is for the UK to leave the European Union.

Our rights as freeborn Britons cannot be secured unless and until we free Britain from the shackles of the EU. The Campaign for an Independent Britain demands a referendum on membership of the European Union so that we, the people, can decide whether or not we stay in the EU.


Anonymous said...

Dig a little deeper. Each hotel here in the UK and Ireland has many foreign workers. I talk to them because I like languages and in the liking I find out where they stay, how many to a room and when I ask why are there no 'locals' anymore, the answer is always the same. "Oh they do not want the work". Yet, think back and the local always did the work and were happy to do so.

Dig a little deeper. I feel sure they are paid at least the minimum wage fair enough, but are deductions being made for their board and lodgings? But where do they sleep? One to a room? Five to a room? Even so, they may indeed be happy with any arrangements made because they are still earning more money than they could do in their own Country and who can blame them for that? No one, I certainly can't. But is it fair on British workers?

There are firms here in the UK that recruit British people to work abroad under the same conditions set out above, they do not mind their "Spending money" because they are seeing more of "Europe" than they would normally do. It can be a whole can of worms being opened up, but perhaps one that should be opened up. Who knows what the outcome may be?

Rowland said...

EU law is said to override British law. But Eu law is illegal under the British Constitution, particularly as per the Bill of Rights 1689. Therefore, we are being taken for a ride when people reiterate the first sentence above.

Anonymous said...

Rowland is of course right, and many people believe that by ratifying these particular EU Treaties is contrary to our Constitution, which of couse, they are.

I see the time coming, particularly if "Lisbon" is ratified by all 27 States, that the people of Britain will "go on strike" as a whole and only obey their own Constitution. It is their right to do so, in fact, their Common Law Constitution should never have been ignored.

The people will ignore the Treaty of Lisbon when ratified, just as the Government ignored the people when THEY ratified it without giving the people a say.

As that will not happen before the EU Parliamentary elections, it is hoped that the people will vote for all recognised and dedicated Eurosceptics-not pretendy ones, real pro-British ones. President Baroso is afraid the people will regard the EU Parliamentary election as the referendum they were deliberately denied. I hope everyone makes his FEARS come true.

makemethePM said...

We the British People are united at this time that we are not and never will be European. That does not mean that Europeans will excluded from this country it just means we wish to re take control of our beautiful land and ensure that visitors are legally here and that where this country has labour shortages those invited to work will be qualified to do so and only remain until a particular contract is complete. The same would apply to British workers who wish to work abroad as say in America. Does anyone have any problems with this?. We would also like to have the referendum that this corrupt Government promised the electorate. The Labour party thinks we would come up with the wrong answer which we would and thats why we haven't had one.
My Irish Welsh and Scottish friends its time to unite this Kingdom and make Britain Great again employing our own workers on British projects
Thank you

Anonymous said...

hi, i am from Eastern Europe, too... we think as so many Polish have left Britain already, it evened out "our" number quite alright... how WE view this issue is that so many non-EU people keep coming to Britain who all need a visa, and if the newer ones of those simply got their visa renewal applications rejected, THAT would solve all the questions and problems of excessive massive arrivals of new foreign workers... just simply deny them those attempts to bring their entire tribes and clans over gradually, each adding extra family members from time to time just because those who arrived earlier already got British citizenship and they are more or less family members to them.... as WE experienced it, there's an invasion of Asian and other different cultures and religions which the locals do find offensive, they keep complaining to us about it as well... like 'BT customer service staff equals Pakistan and India' - that is a constant issue wherever the English start talking about foreigners.... and it's not a unique observation, ask my local friends who have never ever been outside Essex too much... they keep on telling us they wish the majority of foreign workers would be more similar in attitudes and culture to the English tradition and not from other continents... curious about your opinions on this....! Ildiko

Alepelo said...

Problems with foreigners happen because the host country is not doing things correctly. As a Polish engineer working in Denmark I am required to have a permanent job in order to be allowed to live in the country. And if I don't have a job I have to prove to the state that I own a minimum of 60.000 DKK in a danish bank account to be able to support myself. In addition, being DK one of the highest income tax countries, I pay almost half of my salary in taxes. In addition, as a requirement to reside here I need to have a rental agreement on my name. The problem with UK is not the EU, the problem is that you are not following the EU rules to live and reside in a foreign country and you are giving residence certificates to everybody.