Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Join us in the Freedom Zone

Campaign for an Independent Britain are exhibiting in the Freedom Zone, on the second or third floor of The Bridgewater Hall, Great Bridgewater Street, Manchester on Monday and Tuesday 5 & 6 October. We will be in the company of 29 other organizations including The Taxpayers Alliance, The Freedom Association, Global Vision, BETTER OFF OUT, and the Campaign Against Political Correctness. Doors open at 7.30am but expect us around midday Monday because of the distance to travel. Please come along if you can, encourage all the people you know to attend to enjoy all the stands that are outside the security zone of the Conservative Party conference with free admission to Bridgewater Hall to all members of the public. Because CIB is cross-party, we are there to get our hardline message of withdrawal from the EU across to as many people as possible.


Anonymous said...

Once again I am saddened by the fact that many British seem to be obsessed with an anti-European phobia that is deeply irrational and atavistic.

If you leave the European Union you will not only destroy the work of generations of people who have tried to achieve reconciliation after two horrendous wars but in the end you will see your own country off.

I recommend reading the books by the late Roy Denman, a highly experienced British diplomat, in particular his book "Missed Chances".

Kind regards
Dick Schmidt


Always British Never European said...

Unfortunately Dick the EU has become a corrupt and deeply undemocratic institution.

Voters in Dutch and French referendums had their results ignored by the EU political class. The Irish were made to vote again after their second referendum. Each of these is a disgraceful example of a corrupt and undemocratic institution-

The accounts of the EU have not been signed off for 15 years and fraud is rampant.

The Common Agricultural policy is a wasteful disgrace that stops farmers from Africa exporting to the EU.

Mr Jacques Barrot, the unelected EU Commissioner for Law and Justice is a convicted embezzler who received an 8 month suspended sentence from a French Courrt. Is that really the calibre of individual who should have any say in Britain's lwa making. I think not.

Finally, Dick see if you can answer this question :today, in 2009, which war would break out between EU states if they were not members of the EU ? No war.

The EU is an historic relic. There is no European demos or identity and eventually the EU will dissolve and fall into the anals of history. It will be remembered as a strange 1920's ideological project of Jean Monnet and Arthur Salter that had no relevance to the 21st century world